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Barbara Wykrota (Barbara W.)

My artistic inspiration comes from my life, the world around me, and from nature. I love to play with color and with texture; I believe that abstraction can speak to everybody and each observer can have their own experience while viewing my work. My creative process begins with the desire to use a specific color palette and not having any definitive composition planned; I never know what the final result will be and I do not plan ahead but instead, freely paint until I feel that the piece is complete.

I express my innermost emotions onto each of my canvases, which are based on my relationships with others and the most significant events that have occurred in my life. I hope to create an opportunity for each person who observes my work to find their own interpretation based on their individual experiences.


Exhibitions & Festivals

2008 -  collective exhibition - Briss sur Forge (91)

2009 - Au facteur Cheval - individual exhibition  – Versailles (78)

2012 - collective exhibition  on Art fair in Antony (92)

2015 -  collective exhibition in Galerie Métanoia - Paris (75)

2016 -  collective exhibition  Espace Vasarely – Antony (92)

2017 - from Januray, 20 to February  4th  Exhibition  " Art vivant " at Art Galery in Toulon (83)

2017 - September 17th, Carrousel de l'Art d'Antony, Antony (92)

2017 - November 1st- 5th - Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain, Place Joffre (Paris 75)

2018 - 21 avril - 6 mai -   Salons des Arts D'Aujurd'hui - Abbatiale de Bernay (27300 Bernay)

2019 - May 9 -16th, Abstarct Art, Galerie libre est l'Art, 52 rue de Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

2019 - September 28th - October 4th, Art and dreams ! Galerie libre est l'Art, 52 rue de Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

2020 - represented by Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York

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